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Cabinets, Plymouth, Minnesota!

Drop by Zaxx Cabinets, Plymouth, Minnesota

Zaxx Cabinets, Plymouth, Minnesota! Zaxx Cabinets is excited to announce the opening of our new showroom at in Plymouth, Minnesota. Come by and see us in the Cottonwood Plaza at 3900 Vinewood Lane. Zaxx Cabinets, Plymouth, Minnesota stocks affordable wholesale kitchen and bath cabinets by the semi-load. This allows us to pass the bulk savings […]

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Custom Kitchen Room in Wisconsin & Minnesota

More Than a Spot to Prepare Meals, Zaxx Cabinets Designs Your Home’s Custom Kitchen Room White cabinets, the kitchen’s equivalent of fashion’s little black dress, remain classic and timeless in this year’s trends for the heart of the home. Let Zaxx Cabinets help design your custom kitchen room and living space. White is still extremely […]

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Open Kitchen Shelves Can Work in Wisconsin & Minnesota!

Open Kitchen Shelves Are Just What They Sound Like While some prefer to keep the contents of their kitchen tucked safely behind the privacy of cabinet doors, there is the option of replacing traditional kitchen cabinets with open kitchen shelves. Open kitchen shelves that display dishes and pantry items has caught on with many in […]

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Minnesota Kitchen Design Do’s and Don’ts

All Remodeling Roads Lead  to Zaxx Cabinets for Minnesota Kitchen Design! Minnesota kitchen design can be confusing, but Zaxx Cabinets is here to help and walk you through it. Even if you do not end up choosing Zaxx for your kitchen design or remodel, give us a call to get started. Off the bat and […]

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Wisconsin and Minnesota Kitchen Remodel Tips

It’s Zaxx Cabinets for Your Wisconsin and Minnesota Kitchen Remodel! When it comes to making magic happen during a kitchen remodel, there is a lot that can be cooked up – there are oodles of options. Call or email Zaxx Cabinets to find out where to begin planning your project. Or stop by any of […]

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Choices: Stain or Paint for Kitchen Cabinet Finish?

Zaxx Cabinets Can Help You With Kitchen Cabinet Finish Choices. One of the biggest decisions we help customers make when building or remodeling a kitchen, is selecting the overall look of the cabinetry with a kitchen cabinet finish. This is a multifaceted task that can be tedious and lengthy. Not only do you help to […]

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Custom Closet Design in Minnesota & Wisconsin

Custom Closet Design: Make More Space With What You Already Have Shoe storage – and the location of shoe storage – is always at the top of a client’s list when it comes to custom closet design in Minnesota and Wisconsin. And Zaxx Cabinets knows that optimal closet design is based on precise measurements of your existing closet space. We […]

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White Paint for Cabinets Popular in Minnesota & Wisconsin Kitchens

White paint finishes still reign as the most popular kitchen cabinet finish, according to 2015 National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Kitchen & Bath Style Report. This is the fourth year that white paint cabinet finishes have take the top spot with 79% of NKBA members surveyed saying they specified the finish in 2014. Dark […]

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Maximize your Kitchen Storage Space with Effective Cabinetry by Zaxx Cabinets in Wisconsin & Minnesota

A shortage of storage space seems to be a common problem in many households. No matter how much storage we already have, there is always a need for more places to stash our stuff. One of the problems I am often called upon to solve for my clients is to help them to find and […]

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Minneapolis Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Remodels are Discounted at Zaxx Cabinets!

Shopping for Minneapolis Kitchen Cabinets? Quality cabinet products from Zaxx Cabinets are available at affordable prices for your kitchen! Remember all that time you spent cooking and baking during the holiday season? The hours spent using every kitchen appliance and inch of counter space had a potential benefit more lasting than a good meal: When […]